A-Z of VPR Technology Service -NTSR

National Theft Search Recovery (NTSR) is a private company that provides services such as Theft Recovery and Vehicle Plate Recognition (VPR) Services. The VPR Technology is used to track stolen vehicles, lost automobiles, vehicles that violate the traffic rules, etc. This technology is very essential for traffic surveillance. In order to track a moving vehicle, it is essential to capture the image of the number plate of the vehicle. The captured number is used to track the path of the vehicle. For tracking the path of the vehicle, it is required to extract the number from captured image with the help of JAVA OCR libraries.

The VPR Technology makes use of the “optical character recognition” of images in order to read vehicle recognition plate. It uses either road rule enforcement camera, closed circuit television or other cameras designed for this purpose. FBI and the police forces use this technology around the globe for the purpose of law enforcement and to check whether the vehicle is licensed or registered. This technology is also made use of for pay per use roads, electronic-toll-collection and for cataloging traffic movements by the highway agencies.

The technology helps to store images captured with the help of cameras and it also helps to store text from license plates along with configurable in order to store a photograph of the driver. With infrared lighting, it permits camera for taking pictures at whatever time of day. It takes into account the number plate variations, from one place to another.

VPR Technology makes use of high speed, specially made infrared cameras that are mounted on trucks or cars in order to scan the license plates when the vehicles drive through the neighborhoods, business areas and apartments. The software locates the license-plate number, takes picture of vehicle, license plate and records the GPS coordinates with time and date. Soon after this information is stored, uploaded and checked with a national and local database of the vehicles for repossession.

The National Theft Search and Recovery (NTSR) use the VPR Technology; that makes use of software very similar to facial recognition. The FBI makes use of this software in order to protect the country from the terrorists and also helps to locate the identity of an unknown intruder by means of facial features. This technology involves creating and maintaining a large database of the vehicles along with their locations.

We at NTSR, whenever to receive a new account, we check the vehicle plate with our created database to see where and when we have seen that vehicle. Quite a number of times we have been able to locate a debtor who has hidden vehicle as soon as he created an account. We can even ascertain the present address of a debtor from a couple of addresses.

Whenever a vehicle is stolen, we scan number on vehicle’s license plate to know about its last GPS-location by means of longitude and latitude coordinates. If VIN number is removed by the thief, our decals, like “theft deterrent decal” can help to detect vehicles in such a situation. Decals cannot be easily removed as a chemical transfer takes place that indicates an identification number in the special ultraviolet light that is associated with the contact information of the owner.


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