Buying a new car is a big purchase, after having a new house. Therefore, it is also very importance to purchase safety for your car that can protect your car from theft. To get the best protection to your car a company, National theft search and Recovery, offers the best service. The tracking unit is using cutting edge technology to recover vehicles fast just within some hours. Following are the services they are providing for a safer use of vehicles-

Steps involved in managing identity theft recovery-

If you are a victim of identity theft recovery, then the prime step to National theft search and Recovery is must as they provide a personal recovery advocacy. The legally hired recovery advocate will look after the theft case till the end, no matter how long it takes. Without wasting time, he will file a Fraud Recovery Package containing all activation and instruction forms. For immediate action, the information will be provided to you by email or overnight delivery.

As soon as the activation form will be signed and accepted by the victim the next step will be to issue a customized recovery plan. This customized plan is done by the recovery advocate after taking all demand and consent of the victim only. Each moment of the case will be recorded by the advocate both offline and online. While closing the case, he will track all the information and credit score to the filed theft case.

Finally, when the case is wrapped up, the recovery advocate will provide a summary of the credit scores of the case in brief. Along with it, he will make understand the status of post-event result of the cases. A victim feels insecure and needs assurance after the case is closed. To resolve this assurance issue the legally hired personal recovery advocate will make a pattern of twelve months of follow-up for the case. This well-planned follow-up will give security against further upcoming problem related to theft.

National theft search & Recovery follows all above-mentioned procedure to manage the identity theft recovery case. This process of hiring a legal lawyer, keeping track with other government agencies gives a better result to the theft victim. Our company maintains accuracy for all filed documents for the convenience of the victim and case.



Nowadays identity theft is spreading like wildfire. Everyone wants security from every aspect. A person who has a dream to have a vehicle of his wants security for its asset first. From year to year thousands of theft cases are filed, but people are still wandering. Are they at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. They go to the internet and search solutions for it. In this regard, the following are the top reasons why you should select our service of identity theft recovery.

1. The way of Managing Theft Recovery Service-

A victim of identity theft first gets a personal and professional advocate from the organization assigned to them. Similar service is provided by National Theft Search and Recovery. Saving the good name and identity of the victim will be the main function of the advocate. At the same time, a fraud recovery package that includes all instructions and necessary forms will be sent to the victim overnight for next day delivery.

As soon as the victim signs the form, a proper recovery plan will be put into action by the advocate. At the end of the case, the advocate will provide all information related to the case with post event results. Not only this, the advocate will follow up for 12 months to protect the victim from further crime and fraud cases similar to it.

2. Educational Benefits against Crime-

The intended tracking organization will provide online access to the service. The information will be based on theft education, protection tools, a situation to identify whether it is a crime or not. The online service will provide an identity risk assessment tool. It will make a person realize how strong or weak they feel is in a fraud case.

Similarly, special reports and newsletters will be sent to the victim and their family. This will make a person stay up to date with all the latest crimes that are happening. In overall, it will increase their awareness against crime and will teach them on how to stay safer.

3. Benefits of Identity Theft Recovery-

Information filed by the personal advocate will be taken into consideration within one business day. Recovery package that includes all data related to theft and necessary forms will be sent to the victim via email and mailed overnight. Every single procedure will be documented. Notifications will be sent to all credit bureaus, affected creditors and other financial loss bearing institutions.

This tracking procedure will directly help in filling a police complaint. A secure personal care account will be given to the victim. By this, they will be able to view recovery case notes 24/7. The online services will check if any misuse is being done to the personal account. A case file will be maintained to document the fraud identity.

4. Safety-

Review and access of credit files will be done to determine the accuracy of the information given in the file. All the active area of the fraud will be checked very closely. An investigation will be done to check the depth of identity damage. This includes contact all creditors, government agencies, and institutes affected by the theft. The sole aim will be to provide a event status to the victim periodically. From time to time contact will made with the victim through the personal advocate. He will be given all relevant information and the progress of the case by maintaining all privacy and safety. Put your trust upon National Theft Search Recovery to reap the best benefits and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Protection Of Valuable Assets Through Online Tracking Services

With the rise of high manufacturing rate of expensive vehicles, the number of theft cases is increasing equally. It is becoming a headache for the owner of vehicle. Due to those professional car thefts, the demand for higher layer of security is highly increasing. In this regard, our organization National Theft Search & Recovery is giving you a way to stay free from unwanted car theft. Following are the key benefits that our organization is giving:-

  • Benefits of using our organization

We at title National Theft Search & Recovery is aimed to work towards Vehicle Tracking to protect the valuable assets from theft cases. Our organization is lending various proposal with respect to budget, geographical condition & vehicle type. We are providing optimum security layer that ensures your vehicle to be safe.

  • Free from insurance companies

Today owners of expensive automobile like Audi, Ford, Ferrari, are fully depending upon vehicle tracking procedure. They only need 100% assurance about their car safety. Major reasons to this is the inconvenience caused by the insurance companies. Those companies are making mandatory for the necessity of a tracking system inside the car. Directly, it is becoming burden for car owner.

By relying on our organization National Theft Search & Recovery, you are completely going to be free from those extra expenses caused by insurance companies. Our organization works with all recognized & authorized vehicles manufacturers.

  • Way to use online Tracking system

If you are wondering over internet for an approved VPR then your search ends at our organization National Theft Search Recovery. Just go to our homepage take your desired option like VPR tracking or identity theft. Rest things leave on us. We will introduce you trustworthy advocates & complete details just with a few online log-in clicks. So we can say that you are just away to click on our mouse after going through all details.

We will give you a list of options from where you will match your specific search. We assure by using our effective online tracking services, we will help you to stay free from car theft. Our organization National Theft Search & Recovery will lead you through the log-in details with a step by step guidance from the experts.

A-Z of VPR Technology Service -NTSR

National Theft Search Recovery (NTSR) is a private company that provides services such as Theft Recovery and Vehicle Plate Recognition (VPR) Services. The VPR Technology is used to track stolen vehicles, lost automobiles, vehicles that violate the traffic rules, etc. This technology is very essential for traffic surveillance. In order to track a moving vehicle, it is essential to capture the image of the number plate of the vehicle. The captured number is used to track the path of the vehicle. For tracking the path of the vehicle, it is required to extract the number from captured image with the help of JAVA OCR libraries.

The VPR Technology makes use of the “optical character recognition” of images in order to read vehicle recognition plate. It uses either road rule enforcement camera, closed circuit television or other cameras designed for this purpose. FBI and the police forces use this technology around the globe for the purpose of law enforcement and to check whether the vehicle is licensed or registered. This technology is also made use of for pay per use roads, electronic-toll-collection and for cataloging traffic movements by the highway agencies.

The technology helps to store images captured with the help of cameras and it also helps to store text from license plates along with configurable in order to store a photograph of the driver. With infrared lighting, it permits camera for taking pictures at whatever time of day. It takes into account the number plate variations, from one place to another.

VPR Technology makes use of high speed, specially made infrared cameras that are mounted on trucks or cars in order to scan the license plates when the vehicles drive through the neighborhoods, business areas and apartments. The software locates the license-plate number, takes picture of vehicle, license plate and records the GPS coordinates with time and date. Soon after this information is stored, uploaded and checked with a national and local database of the vehicles for repossession.

The National Theft Search and Recovery (NTSR) use the VPR Technology; that makes use of software very similar to facial recognition. The FBI makes use of this software in order to protect the country from the terrorists and also helps to locate the identity of an unknown intruder by means of facial features. This technology involves creating and maintaining a large database of the vehicles along with their locations.

We at NTSR, whenever to receive a new account, we check the vehicle plate with our created database to see where and when we have seen that vehicle. Quite a number of times we have been able to locate a debtor who has hidden vehicle as soon as he created an account. We can even ascertain the present address of a debtor from a couple of addresses.

Whenever a vehicle is stolen, we scan number on vehicle’s license plate to know about its last GPS-location by means of longitude and latitude coordinates. If VIN number is removed by the thief, our decals, like “theft deterrent decal” can help to detect vehicles in such a situation. Decals cannot be easily removed as a chemical transfer takes place that indicates an identification number in the special ultraviolet light that is associated with the contact information of the owner.